With Melanie Benson

Become The Leader Your Business Needs You To Be

Practical Advice and Insights from Influential Entrepreneur Leaders so You can Boost Influence, Become a Sought After Authority and Inspire Millions

When you have a bold vision and want to make a huge impact on this planet, you know you can't keep doing what you've always done. It's time for new rules that allow you to accelerate your growth while you expand into the leader your business needs YOU to be.

To help you on this journey, I've invited 11 influential entrepreneurs who became leaders in business and in their industry so that you can learn from their journey what works -- and what doesn't!

Each of these power-packed conversations is full of inspiring advice, practical steps and surprising candor that's sure to be the best 30 minutes you've spent with a mentor.

You'll gain valuable insight into how to take your business impact, prosperity and productivity to a whole new level -- without costly breakdowns and burnout!

Our live summit has just wrapped up and wow – what amazing interviews!


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In These Two Sessions You'll Discover...

Melanie Benson

A New Paradigm Approach to Leadership

Inside this session is an insightful and innovative new method of achieving a bold vision. You’ll discover:

  • Why a bold vision is essential to building influence and creating significance
  • The most over-looked key to shifting out of overworked into effortless growth methods
  • How to use chaos and uncertainty to innovation and unleash creative problem solving
  • The importance of intuition and authenticity when leading a movement
  • What your logic mind is doing to keep you stuck (and a simple mindset shift to unleash massive growth)

Bob Burg

Leadership, The Go-Giver Way

In this power-packed session, Bob reveals:

  • How the Law of the Lid is dictating your level of growth
  • A simple shift that deepens a culture of trust and loyalty
  • What the essence of real influence is (and what it’s not)
  • Why compliance is only a short-sighted approach to getting things done
  • What the Law of Compensation can teach you about hiring for massive value

The Awaken Leadership Series was full of practical advise and business transforming wisdom - be sure to download these first two sessions now!

Access Two Free Interviews Now

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